Buy Bodybuilding Equipment - Weight, Bars, Dumbbells

Home workout equipment is most popular among fitness people. It is for people who want to make their own space bigger and better. This is for people who love training whether it can be bodybuilding or weight lifting. A small investment of money and space can help you to achieve your fitness goals.  

Once you set up your budget and space, you can start building your own home gym with the following pieces of equipment. 

Dumbbell, Barbell, and Weights 

You can find a wide range of dumbbells available at different price points. Dumbells are versatile but you cannot load resistance like a barbell. The economic version of dumbbells is plate-loaded dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells are expensive but it is the best option for those in limited space. But you cannot find heavier sizes in adjustable dumbbells. 

If you have both money and space, it is good to select a commercial dumbbell rack which occupies more space and also costs hundreds or thousand of dollars. Fixed dumbbells are also considered a safer option for a home gym.

Barbell types include standard and olympic. Standard bars are one inch in diameter. They are not suitable for heavy lifting. Bars bend easily and it cannot hold more than 200 pounds. 

Olympic bars are 7 feet long with a rotating 2-inch diameter sleeve. These bars are suitable for heavy weight lifting and compound lifts.  

Power up your platform 

An effective platform will protect your equipment and also your floors. It reduces the sound caused when changing weights. If you are performing deadlifts and Olympic movements, you should definitely maintain a platform. If not, it may crack concrete. The platform usually contains two layers of plywood and the top is made of rubber or rubber and hardwood,