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Buying the right outfit for the gym could be a balancing act. You want to use a treadmill or lift weights easily with comfortable wear. Finding the right clothing that suits your comfort level, style and also following the gym dress code may require several attempts, but once you find what works the best, you can easily get into shape without worrying about what you wear. 


For the gym, you should opt for a comfortable sports bra and athletic underwear. The sports bra provides good support to reduce breast movement and pain. They are also available in light and breathable materials to keep your skin dry. Athletic underwear is available in different styles, you can either opt for panties or boxer type underwear that are made using stretchy fabric. 

How to buy a sports bra 

It is one of the recommended sportswear for women. It not just offers comfort and support but also reduces the chance of injury. While buying a sports bra make sure it is fitter than a regular bra but also allows you to breathe comfortably. To ensure that you buy the right size, raise your hands above your head. If the elastic band moves upwards to your rib cage, you need to choose a smaller band. 

Socks and shoes 

Athletic socks are best suitable for gym workouts as they are made using light and synthetic material that never scratches your skin. You can choose from either ankle-height socks or knee socks from a wide range of products available. Shoes should be light and comfortable to keep you cool. 


Some of the ideal gym wear for women are t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts. it‘s good to check your gym’s dress code before you choose. This helps to pick the dress which is appropriate for the gym.