Home gym equipment online

If you are going to create a home gym,  ensure that you have these items on the list which will help those who love to workout more often to stay fit without having to pay for gym memberships. Following are a list of essentials like weights, medicine balls, and more to create a room that works for you. 

Arm bands

The weighted arm brands will add a touch of resistance to everyday exercise. 


TRX bands

When the TRX bands are anchored to the wall or sturdy door, it gives you the full-body training to build muscle by perfecting your posture and aligning it. You can change the difficulty range by changing your body angle. 


Weighted jump rope 

According to a  fitness study, just 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Many weighted jump rope comes with removable one pound weights hidden in the handles.  


Resistance bands

If you wish to have a rounder rump, just place a resistance band around your quads or knees, or ankles during your squats, banded walks, or bridges. This will activate your glutes. 


Medicine ball 

This is a piece of simple fitness equipment where an average medicine ball weighs 10 pounds which can be thrown and lifted from the ground in order to improve your strength and body conditioning. 

 Weight adjustable Dumbbells 

These dumbbells come with an easy weight adjusting system where you can choose the right weights from 2.5 to 12.5. 



Kettlebell available in different weights which allows you to perform varied strength moves ranging from single-leg deadlifts to swings, 


Balance ball

The body balance ball helps you to work on the core muscles by being a great stretching tool.