What weights should I use for a home gym?

Working out at home is always fun. Home workouts have their own challenges -- one of such challenges is lack of equipment. With some basic investment, you can make a home gym that works for you. The key to making your home gym effective is purchasing some integral equipment like dumbbells -- to reach your goals faster and make your workout interesting. You got a lot of options online; to find the best dumbbells for your fitness level and budget, consider the below factors:

  • Get advice from personal trainers 
  • Customer reviews 
  • Quality, grips, and shape 
  • Brand 
  • Pricing 

If a product matches all the above categories, check the product and purchase it online.


How much will you spend? A single set of lighter dumbbells say 5 to 20 -- will cost around $50, while heavier ones cost more than that. A well built adjustable dumbbell with different weights will cost around $300. 


If you are going to use dumbbells for endurance-oriented workouts or aerobics or to build strength, you should consider an adjusting dumbbell or several sets in varied sizes. 


How much is a home workout space? Also plays a role in choosing the weights. A single set of adjustable dumbbells will replace different sets of dumbbells. 

Shape and grip

Dumbbells are available in different shapes such as round and hex. Grips include textured, rubber, and neoprene-coated. 

Hex dumbbells will not roll around when they are placed on the floor, so they are much safer than round counterparts. 

When it comes to grip, rubber-coated dumbbells are frim on the hands than textured grip. If you are using a heavier dumbbell, there is no other choice than the textured grip.